Infrastructure Implementation and Maintenance

We are not aligned with any manufacturers. This means that we are able to select equipment and network services based on your needs and budget, saving you time and money. We provide service from installation through to ongoing maintenance ? a one-stop shop, for peace of mind.

Server Installation and Implementation

We offer total support, from server and PC installation through to implementation (setup). We meticulously carry out complicated procedures such as wiring and securing of power sources. We can perform all laborious tasks (such as network and security settings) that must be done at the time of implementation.

Server Operations

With OS version management and system patches, server operations are labor intensive. We offer a support service which includes a backup system for these operations.

Network Infrastructure Upgrades and Implementation

We offer broad support for network construction, from in-house LANs through to VANs. Our total support solution runs from the selection of equipment used in network construction (such as routers and switches) to installation and ongoing maintenance.

System Solution

Whatever the organization, IT operations are changing, data volumes are increasing, and in-house needs and systems are increasingly diversifying. System operation is on a different degree of complexity compared to the past. We provide relevant solutions for diverse needs, right through to security.

System Trustee Service

From small-scale web systems through to large projects and renewal of legacy systems we can perform task analysis and provide full support from needs-based proposals through to system design, development and maintenance. We aim for stable operation, efficiency and security of the total-system, and provide a service which can be linked with other systems.

  • System design
  • Open-source (Windows、Linux、MacOS) development including JAVA, .NET, and Objective-C.
  • C/C++ development for UNIX
  • Web development including PHP, Perl, and JAVA.
  • Smartphone app development, including Android and iOS.